266sml318pxAt Bulwell St Mary’s we are proud of the innovative and experiential way we teach numeracy, encompassing a wide range of skills and strategies. As well as learning about calculating, shapes, measuring and problem solving pupils are also encouraged to develop their thinking skills. Numeracy lessons include plenty of time to talk and reason and children are constantly questioned about their ideas and assumptions.

Much of our numeracy is practical and pupils are often challenged to solve problems based on real life situations. As the pupils move through the school they are taught different strategies to solve problems. We know that partnership with parents / carers is extremely important for children’s progress so we invited families to attend our Numeracy Open Day in the spring where teachers demonstrated numeracy strategies.

If you would like more information about how you can support your child with their numeracy then please speak to your child’s teacher. 


Key Instant Recall Facts (KIRFs)
As you may know we are working hard at St Mary's to improve your child's skills in recalling key facts in maths.

Each half term children are given Key Instant Recall Facts to practise and learn at home. These are sent home on an A4 sheet and include practical ideas to assist your child in grasping the key facts. It is important that they know these thoroughly and can recall specific facts instantly. These "KIRFs" are colour coded and the target set depends on your child's ability and year group. The following is a guide.

F2 red
Year 1 orange
Year 2 yellow
Year 3 green
Year 4 blue
Year 5 purple
Year 6 lilac

As children have a wide range of abilities in mathematics, it may be necessary to go to the previous year group target for some children or extend the more able by trying the target for the following year.

PDF copies of the KIRF sheets for all year groups are available here, grouped by school term.

In addition to the practical ideas suggested, there is a website designed specifically to help your child develop these key facts. We recommend both the number and word problems.

If you have any additional questions regarding KIRFs, please contact the school.

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