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School governance is a very important role. The Governors of a school set the agenda and agree the priorities for the management to act upon. The Governors decide how money should be spent, and on what resources, and they check to see if they are getting good value for money from teaching and non-teaching staff.

As governors we are legally responsible for the day to day running of the school and important aspects of school life, such as the safeguarding of children and health and safety. As a Church of England School we value highly the Christian distinctiveness and ethos of the school.

As Governors we are tasked with driving the school forward to become better, by analysing trends and data, and by working with our Executive Head and Head of School to set goals that improve outcomes.

We are responsible for the Performance Management of our senior leadership team.

All, of this takes time and commitment. We work hard to ensure that we are up-to-date with the latest developments in school governance and with directives from the Department for Education.

At Bulwell St. Mary's the Governors want the very best education for every child. This is more than just an ideal. Our Christian faith tells us that God loves everyone equally, individually and generously. In seeking to educate our children we want to demonstrate this love in action. It is a strong motivating force for good in our school life.

Karen Slack - Chair of Governors. Date of appointment 1/9/16
Daniel Farthing - Head of School. Date of appointment 1/8/16
Emma Bell - Staff Representative. Date of appointment 1/8/16
Julette Clarke - Staff Representative. Date of appointment 1/8/16
Maureen Pates - Diocesan Representative and Vice Chair of Governors.
Martin Walton - Diocesan Representative. Date of appointment 1/8/16
Reverand Bob Stevens - Foundation Governor. Date of appointment 1/12/16
Laura Fitton - Foundation Governor. Date of appointment 1/8/16
David Maidment - Parent Governor. Date of appointment 1/8/16
Jon Fordham - Trust governor. Date of appointment 16/05/17

BSM Governor Attendance 2015-16

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