274sml318pxBulwell St Marys Playground Buddy Service

A group of volunteer children, from years 5 and 6, have been trained to act as Playground Buddies.

The job of the Playground Buddies is to help children who are having small arguments or disagreements to sort them out peacefully.

The Buddies will be available at break times on the playground for any children who want to use them.

Having the Buddies available gives children a positive way to sort out small arguments and stop them becoming bigger ones that could lead to children getting into trouble.

The Playground Buddies are as well as, not instead of the adult support available to children.

Nobody has to use the Buddies but they are there to help anyone who would like them to.

If you have any questions or would like any more information about the service please contact: Mrs Cox


Playground Buddy Rota 

Max CW Tomas Abbie Matthew Leah
Max L Keelan Cassiebelle Cameron Hannah
Callum Sammy Beyonce Kumsai Dominique
Kian Alisha Mackenzie Stephen Ellie

Remember you are also on duty at lunch-time