Our Achievements


Nottinghamshire Boccia Champions 2015!

After winning all of the local heats Bulwell St Mary's represented the city of Nottingham in the county Boccia Championship finals.  Our team won the tournament which meant for the first time ever the city of Nottingham won.

Boccia champions


Nottingham City gymnastics competition - silver medalists!


Gymnatics silver medal



Sports Ambassadors Sports Rap



We have a football team, cricket, cross-country team, you pick it.

We need 500 pounds to keep us fit with our new school sports kit.

Children’s fitness is a must and if we don’t win it, it’ll be a bust.

Every day, we get up and play, but with our kits we’ll shout HOORAY!

Sports ambassadors like to play with little ones every day.

Normally we want to help them out but sometimes they just scream and shout.

We really need that kit pretty please, in fact we’ll even beg on our knees.

We need that kit badly!

From Bulwell st Marys (sports ambassadors)

 Entry to a competition being run by Ocean Finance: